Travis Mauger

Senior Inspector

I maintain bridges, culverts and tunnels making them safe for the public.

When he’s not knee-deep in water inspecting bridges, Travis Mauger is training and mentoring structures inspectors and assisting the districts with delivery of the Structures maintenance performance contract.

“It’s my role to maintain bridges, culverts and large traffic management signs, making them safe for the public,” says Travis.

“As part of Structures Management Services, I offer technical expertise, and I influence the structures maintenance industry to build a high-level of quality in workmanship to achieve longevity of our structures.

“I enjoy the work I do in the structure arena, and it has developed into a real passion, giving me a sense of ownership of our road network assets.

“I joined the Queensland public sector 14 years ago because I wanted a trade qualification, job security and to travel the state to make a difference to communities… and the public service has provided this and much more.

“My career began as an apprentice form setter in Cairns, to a construction worker, to a leading hand, to a rehabilitation maintenance performance contract supervisor in Townsville. I then gained accreditation as an SMPC structures inspector and now I’m a senior inspector.

“Throughout my public service career, I’ve identified numerous opportunities to learn and develop my skills through training internally and externally, and strongly encourage others to take charge of their own careers… don’t wait for someone to do it for you.

“My public service career demonstrates the variety of roles one person can have. I’m certainly grateful for the experiences I’ve had, and I would definitely recommend a public service career to anyone looking to be challenged.”

Outside of work, Travis likes travelling to places like Einasleigh for the races and rodeo, Cape York and the Gulf of Carpentaria to fish, and he is into classic cars and is building a Holden WB Ute as a drag car.

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