Tony Matheson

Community Engagement Officer

I help consumers’ access and understand their healthcare journey.

Tony Matheson, a communication and engagement enthusiast with 9 years’ experience, administers the consumer engagement program and external communications with Gold Coast Health.

“I help Queenslanders access and understand their healthcare journey,” says Tony.

“I provide an avenue to bring the health consumer voice to the planning and delivery of healthcare services on the Gold Coast.

“I also facilitate a consumer group, which provides input and feedback on the health services we provide to ensure we provide the most relevant and safe care possible.

“Before I joined Gold Coast Health, I worked for Queensland Treasury and State Revenue, a total of 12 years in public service delivery.

“I joined the Queensland public sector to expand my experience in communications, specifically community engagement, where ‘the rubber hits the road’ and make some tangible difference in the way services are provided to the Queensland public.

“I am here for Queensland because I believe consumers working with healthcare professionals, together can make a make a difference.”

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