Sean Booth

Nurse Manager

I endeavour to close the gap in the burden of disease experienced by Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people.

When Sean is not mountain bike riding around the world class tracks of North Queensland, he is developing health manuals, which support the rural and remote workforce to make sound healthcare clinical decisions.

Sean helps to improve the health and wellbeing of people in rural and remote locations across Queensland, from Dirranbandi in the south to Saibai Island in the north.

“In 1986, I decided to become a nurse with a particular focus on making an impact on the health environment experienced by Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people,” says Sean.

“Queensland has allowed me to achieve this and to experience Queensland’s beautiful rural and remote areas and people.

“I have worked for the Queensland public sector for 25 years in various nursing roles, including a rural and isolated practice nurse, a child and family health nurse, and various project work, but I am always drawn to rural and remote Queensland.

“I am originally from Newcastle, but I now call Cairns home—hands down the best place on the planet!

“Working for the Queensland public sector has allowed me to pursue my passions in the most beautiful state to boot, it’s been a lifelong journey of innovation and comradery while following my passion.”

Outside of work, Sean likes to ride and fix his bikes as a result of stacking them all the time.

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