Robert Ibell

District Officer

I protect our valuable fisheries resources and ensure public safety on our waterways.

Robert Ibell is the District Officer of the Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries in Townville.

Robert looks after 8 staff and 1 offshore vessel, from Cape Upstart to Crystal Creek, helping to protect our fisheries resources and habitats, and keeping our waterways safe.

“I’ve been in my current role for 7 years and love it,” says Robert.

“We use offshore patrol boats, rigid inflatable boats and personal watercraft to monitor the coastline and inland fishing areas.

“I also provide an education and compliance role to ensure fisheries resource sustainability and safe boating practices.

“I first joined the Queensland public sector 28 years ago. I knew I wanted to work in fisheries as an inspector when I left school, and that’s what I did and have never looked back.

I'm born and bred in Queensland and it's a fantastic place to live and work. The locations I have explored are so diverse and we truly are lucky to live in our great state.

“If I could describe in 10 words or less why I'm here for Queensland it’s because of the life experiences and skills that are not possible elsewhere.”

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