Matthew Wellington

Supervisor (Catchment and Recreation in the South Region)

I am passionate about preserving natural areas and dams that are ultimately owned by the people of Queensland.

When he’s not enjoying our recreational lakes, Matt Wellington is supervising a small operational team of rangers, which manage the catchments surrounding Little Nerang Dam, Hinze Dam, Leslie Harrison Dam and North Stradbroke Island.

“My team also looks after recreation at Hinze Dam,” says Matt.

“Each and every day, I work to enhance the catchments across my management areas to the highest possible standard. I like to treat my areas as I would a national park.

“This has really tangible benefits to the community in a number of ways. First, it provides great filtration to the water that runs into our dams and catchments, which also provides great habitat for loads of different native plants and animals that like to call South East Queensland home.

“This ultimately leads to lower costs in water production through reductions in processes required to clean the water for drinking.

“You can really tell I am passionate about preserving our dams and water.

“I moved up from Parks Victoria to take up the role of Lead Ranger at Lake Manchester with Seqwater, then moved into my Supervisor role with the South Region about 3 years ago.

“My career with the Queensland public sector expands over 6 non-consecutive years. In the mid-2000, I worked for the Department of Natural Resources and Mines as a Team Leader of a Fire Management Unit.

“I re-joined the sector because I love managing the natural areas and dams that are ultimately owned by the people of Queensland, and because it brought me back to our sunny state.

“I also love the flexible environment the sector strives for to enhance employment opportunities for its people.”

Outside of work, Matt takes any opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.

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