Jonathan Marshall

Principal Scientist

What motivates me is making sure our waterways are protected for future generations.

Ensuring the state’s waterways are healthy, sustainable and preserved for future generations is a passion for Principal Scientist Dr Jonathan Marshall.

Johnathan travels the state—getting more than his feet wet—for the Department of Environment and Science.

“For me, no 2 days are the same. One minute I’m sampling the western Queensland river for aquatic snails, and next I’m working with water planners to provide ecological advice to support the sustainable use of Queensland water resources,” says Jonathan.

“I assess the ecological health of Queensland’s many river systems and undertake original research to answer important water management and policy questions.

“Prior to joining the Queensland public sector, I worked for the federal Department of Agriculture and Water Resources for 6 years as an Entomologist, assisting in identifying pests intercepted at the border.

“I also lead a great team of scientists to provide scientific monitoring, assessment and research which underpin the sustainable management of Queensland’s waterways and water resources.

“I joined the sector almost 30 years ago and have had many great opportunities from undertaking exciting research in collaboration with scientists from Australia and overseas, to sampling remote parts of Cape York by helicopter.

“If I could describe in 10 words or less why I am here for Queensland it’s because quality research makes a difference.”

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