Jess Morgan

Research Scientist

I help keep Queensland free from invasive diseases.

Jess enjoys working with animals as a Research Scientist in the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Jess—a molecular parasitologist and fisheries geneticist—studies the DNA of animals, and the DNA of animals that live on or in other animals.

“No 2 days are the same,” says Jess.

“One day I’m developing ways to detect screw worm flies to help keep Queensland free from this invasive live flesh-eating pest, the next I am conducting research into snapper stocks to help fisheries managers monitor this important commercial and recreational fishery species.

“My discovery of hybrid sharks in the wild—a world first—identified a potential mechanism for tropical sharks to expand their range into temperate waters.

“I joined the Queensland public sector 13 years ago because it provides diverse research opportunities as well as job security in a location known for being beautiful one day, perfect the next.

“I am here for Queensland because this is the best location in the world to do cutting edge research which is challenging, exciting and rewarding.”

Outside of work, Jess likes to play underwater hockey.

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