Chris Conwell

Vessel Traffic Service Operator

I contribute to the safe, efficient and compliant movement of ships through Queensland ports while protecting of the environment

Vessel Traffic Service Operator Chris Conwell provides monitoring and information services to ships in the Far North Queensland regions 10 ports.

Chris aids in the safe, efficient and compliant movement of ships through these ports, and plays a pivotal role in search and rescue.

“I work shifts to cover the 24-hour, 7 day a week duties of the role. My role is demanding, but I’m always up for a challenge,” says Chris.

“Not only do I work with routine shipping in the Vessel Traffic Service Centre, I also provide a listening watch for distress traffic, and work to avoid collisions or incidents by managing ship movements by using computerised Vessel Traffic Management systems.

“I operate AIS, CCTV and radio equipment, make use of electronic nautical charts to track a ship’s current position, provide information to avoid conflicts, and forecast traffic flows.

“Having contact with ship Masters, shipping agents, port/terminal operators, and port stakeholders is key to successful provision of vessel traffic services.

“This is my first role within the Queensland public sector and my experience so far has been incredible. I get to work with great people, excellent training and support, and interesting challenges.

“I joined the sector because I wanted a challenging and rewarding career—which I now have—where I could use my skills and experience to assist in providing quality services to the Queensland public.

Outside of work, Chris is interested in anything to do with the outdoors, especially fishing, boating and camping.

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