Andrew Cameron OAM

Co-Director of Nursing

I have a genuine desire to improve the welfare of those in need.

When he isn’t in the Birdsville Clinic, Co-Director of Nursing, Andrew Cameron is conducting emergency retrievals out into the Simpson Desert or well down into South Australia along the Birdsville Track—and intermittently even as far over as the Northern Territory border.

“I am responsible for day-to-day (actually day and night) primary health, emergency care and chronic disease management of anyone residing in or visiting the Diamantina area, of which Birdsville is the central and most well-known town,” says Andrew.

“I make a difference to Queenslanders each and every day by saving lives in emergencies, by preventing or limiting the progress of chronic conditions, and by a genuine desire to improve the welfare of those in need.

“The Birdsville Clinic is known as a very welcoming place, a kind of haven on the edge of the formidable desert.

“Prior to working for the Birdsville Clinic, I was the Director of Nursing on Mornington Island (in the Gulf of Carpentaria), I worked for the Red Cross providing healthcare in Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan and South Sudan, Yemen and Georgia, and I even went to Sierra Leone to help out with the Ebola crisis.

“I joined the Queensland public sector because it is regarded as the most advanced public health sector in Australia.

“If I could describe in 10 words or less my experience working for the sector it’s because I’m very well supported in a progressive and innovative environment.”

In 2011, Andrew was awarded the Florence Nightingale Medal for his extensive work in healthcare delivery and in 2013 received The Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for services to the nursing profession, followed in 2017 with The University of Queensland Vice-Chancellor’s Alumni Excellence Award.

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